The SQL syntax elements for Oracle Version 7 and MaxDB in SQL mode ORACLE differ, among other things, in the definition of functions.

·        The following Oracle functions are not supported as functions in MaxDB:



-         CONVERT

-         DUMP

-         USERENV

-         NLS_INITCAP

-         NLS_LOWER

-         NLS_UPPER

-         TO_MULTI_BYTE

-         TO_SINGLE_BYTE

-         INSTRB

-         LENGTHB

-         SUBSTRB

·        When string functions LPAD and RPAD are specified in MaxDB, the character string x cannot be longer than n.

·        When string function SUBSTR is specified in MaxDB, it cannot be less than 1.

·        When the function INSTR is specified in MaxDB, the parameter "n" must not be smaller than 1.

·        When functions TO_CHAR, TO_DATE, and TO_NUMBER are specified in MaxDB, the parameter "nlsparams" is not available.