Defining the Result View


In the Visual Query dialog, you can specify how SQL Studio displays the result of your database query.


When you created the Visual Query, you copied the table columns that your database query relates to into the area for defining the result.


1.       To assign a synonym to a column name, enter the name of the synonym in the Synonym line.

2.       To hide a column in the result view, choose No in the Visible line of the relevant column.

This is particularly useful if you only need the column in order to formulate search conditions.

3.       To group the results according to the column values, choose Yes in the Group line of the relevant column.

You can use this grouping feature to define average values, maximum values, minimum values, totals, and the number of found data records in the result view.

4.       To sort the data records in ascending or descending order, in the Order field, select Ascending or Descending in the column that you want to use for sorting.