Creating the DBMCLI


To create the executable program DBMCLI, use the link description dbmcli.lnk. It is located in the $OWN/sys/desc/dbmcli.lnk directory (see Directory Structure of the Development Environment).


To process the dbmcli.lnk link description using VMAKE and therefore to create the DBMCLI program, enter the following command:

imf dbmcli

You can leave out the type (lnk)  of link description as the name of the file (dbmcli) is unique.

For more information about the imf script, see, Starting the MAKE Operation.


The DBMCLI program is created. The link description defines where the DBMCLI program is stored:

·        Microsoft Windows: $OWN\usr\pgm

·        UNIX: The row ->$INSTROOT/bin/dbmcli causes the program to be stored in the directory $OWN/usr/bin.

We recommend that you perform a function check after creating the DBMCLI program.