Installation Profiles

Installation profiles are different combinations of individual software components that meet different requirements. An installation profile provides you with a fully-functioning software installation, regardless of which profile you choose.

If you install individual software components (parts of installation profiles), you must take into account the dependencies between the components in order to ensure that the software installation is fully functioning.

Choose from the following installation profiles:


Software Components Included

Installation/Update of


All software components

Complete software package

APO LiveCache

For liveCache in the SAP APO system only

Base, multiple PCR <version>, Server Utilities, ODBC (MS Windows only), DB Analyzer, Database Kernel, APO LC APPS or APO COM (up to APO Version 4.0)

Server software and client software of the liveCache database system

DB Analyzer

Base, ODBC (for MS Windows only), DB Analyzer

Database Analyzer


Base, JDBC

MaxDB JDBC Driver


Base, Loader, Redist Python


Runtime for SAP AS

Base, multiple PCR <version>, JDBC, Loader

Client software for the SAP application server

Script Interface

Base, Perl Interface, Python Interface

Libraries for applications that use programming interfaces


Base, Database Kernel, Server Utilities, ODBC, JDBC, Loader, DB Analyzer,

Server and client software of the OLTP database system

Web Tools

Base, ODBC, Web Tools, XML Indexing Engine

Web Tools

You must place any names of software components that contain spaces in double quotation marks.