Exporting Environment Variables for the External Backup Tool


If the vendor of the external backup tool stipulates the export of environment variables, you can export them into the environment by using the Database Manager before you call the external backup tool.

The export of environment variables is supported for the following database versions as of the specified build numbers:
7.2.05 from build 016, 7.3.00 from build 021, 7.4.02 from build 002, 7.4.03 from build 000


dbmcli -d <database_name> -n <database_server> -u <dbm_operator>,<dbm_operator_password> dbm_configset -raw set_variable_<number> <variable>=<value>


Your choice of numbering for the variables that have to be set

(0<= number <=100)


Environment variable


Value of the environment variable

If you define several values for one environment variable, the Database Manager solves the conflict in the following way.
You have entered the following DBM commands:

dbmcli ... dbm_configset -raw set_variable_<number1> <variable>=<value1>

dbmcli ... dbm_configset -raw set_variable_<number2> <variable>=<value2>

If number1 < number2, the Database Manager exports only the <value1> for the environment variable <variable>, otherwise only the value <value2>.

If you publish one of the environment variables TEMP, TMP, ADINT, ADA_OPT, NSR_ENV, NSR_POOL, NSR_EXPIRE, or BSI_ENV with
dbmcli ... dbm_configset -raw <variable> <value1>
and export it with
dbmcli ... dbm_configset -raw set_variable_<number> <variable>=<value2>,
the environment variable is exported with the value
<value1> before an external backup tool is called.