From -25000 to -25999

Loader Error Messages


No database connection possible - missing database name; specify the database name in the USE USER command


Getting hostname of database host failed: <error_code> = <error_text>


A connection to the database could not be established: <error_code> = <error_text>


User (<user_name>) logon to database failed: <error_text>


Connect with userkey '<user_key>' failed: <error_text>


No connection to server db '<database_name>' established


Logon failure; previous user's (<user_name>) connection was restored


Failure in db communication (<type>): <return_code> = <error_text>




Error executing internal SQL statement '<statement>' : '<error_text>'


No user connection to server db established


Error changing log file owner to current user '<user_name>' (Error: '<error_text>')


Error opening server log file '<log_file_name>' (<error_text>). Opened temporary log file '<temp_log_file_name>'


No more memory available


Error switching connected user to <user_name> : <error_text>


Received cancel request; stopping execution


Error switching current schema to <schema_name> ; <error_text>


Command not implemented


Column '<column_name>' - INTEGER field: 1, 2 or 4 bytes long (double if HEX)


Column '<column_name>' - REALfield: 4 or 8 bytes long (double if HEX)


Column '<column_name>' - DECIMALfield: 20 bytes maximum (double if HEX)


Column '<column_name>' - ZONEDfield: 20 bytes maximum (double if HEX)


Declare USAGE between 50% and 100%


USAGE value of '0 rows' not allowed


USAGE value of row(s) too high; maximum number of records possible on a single db page: <number>


Invalid position specification (negative values not allowed)


Invalid FRACTION specification (negative values not allowed)


Invalid SCALE specification. Scale range: -127 <= SCALE <= 127


Invalid ROUND specification (0 <= ROUND_value <= 18)


Invalid TRUNC specification (0 <= TRUNC_value <= 18)


Invalid file format specification: given formats rule each other out


The specification of a separator/delimiter is not allowed together with FWV


File option FWV required


End position for column <column_name> lower than start position


No column specified but file format is FWV


Columns have to be specified in left-to-right order (positions in ascending order)


Wrong separator/delimiter specification


Wrong decimal specification


Wrong Boolean specification


Wrong null specification


Wrong number specification


A maximum of 1024 columns can be specified for one table


Specification of conditions exceeds allowed count of conditions


Incorrect date-time format, all patterns accepted in the SET menu are valid


Incorrect comparison operator in condition


Cannot execute command DATAEXTRACT FOR <load_type>; specify an output file for commands


ROUND or TRUNC specification not allowed for this column


Wrong keyword


Some column descriptions with end position but file format is CSV


Some column descriptions without end position but file format is FWV


Some positions specified more than once


Some positions overlap


Cannot execute DATAUPDATE command; specify set columns


Cannot execute DATAUPDATE command; specify access columns


Specified value '<value>'is not a valid integer


Incomplete logon parameters; password missing


Database identifier too long


Error parsing <time> mask: <error_text>


Loader CONSTRAINT violation: <error_text>


Error: specify CATALOG, DATA, and PACKAGE stream


Error: specify CATALOG or DATA stream


Invalid Isolation Level specification: possible values are: 0, 1, 10, 15, 2, 20, 3, 30


Error building URI for encrypted connection: <error_text>


Code page to set (<code_page_name>) not found in system table SYSLOADER.CODEPAGE. The privilege to change the content of this table is restricted to SYSDBA


Syntax error at position <position> (<error_text>). Check for typing errors


Invalid input for date or time column: <input_value>


This value is not a valid number: '<input_value>'


Input value does not match key order or range specification


Columns for key (KEY) or search condition missing


Data for key columns exceeds allowed key length


The value is not a valid HEX constant: <input_value>


CONSTRAINT condition violated


Invalid input for BOOLEAN column: <input_value>


Column '<column_name>' must not contain NULL values


No Data for NOT NULL - column without default (<column_name>). You have either not specified this column in the command or there is no data in the data file for this column


Overflow occurred, execution aborted


Fractional part too small for column '<column_name>', minimum length: <length>


Column data type of column '<column_name>' and external data type are not compatible


Table contains at least one column defined as LONG; IMPORT in PAGE format rejected


Constant must be compatible with column type and length (column: '<column_name>')


Syskey violation (the computed value exceeds the highest possible syskey value)


Missing data for specified column '<column_name>'


The LONG value could not be loaded into column


This condition value is not a valid number: '<value>'


This condition value was truncated and cannot be used: '<value>'


Data type of null value representation for column '<column_name>' is incompatible with the column data type


Errors checking length of column specifications. See Loader server log file for more information


Errors checking compatibility of external and db data types. See Loader server log file for more information


The exported number (column '<column_name>') was truncated


Error(s) exporting record <record_no>; start position of incorrect record in data file:<position>


Some error(s) while extracting data. See Loader server log file for more information


The given data file '<file_name>' was not generated using EXPORT in PAGE Format (<error_text>)


The page sizes of the source system and the target system do not match (source:<page_size>, target:<page_size>)


This is a restricted statement, user must be SYSDBA


Error getting schema definition of table <table_name> (<SQL_error_text>)


Error getting index definitions for table <table_name> (<SQL_error_text>)


File counter for data file exceeded maximum value of 9999


Error restoring single table    using data file with multiple table data; specify single table data file


Error restoring multiple tables using data file with single table data; specify data file created using EXPORT DB or EXPORT USER


Error restoring table <table_name>; no table data found in data file <file_name>


Error during restart IMPORT; restart entry <position> not found in mapping file <file_name>


Error during restart IMPORT; file <file_name> could not be opened/read


UCS2 conversion error; character string contains invalid characters or character sequences


Error generating 'create table/index statements': <error_text>


Error restoring table <table_name>; table exists but source table schema and target table schema are different


Column name(s) or number(s) do not match column names/numbers in select list: (<column_names>)


Incorrect field length for column '<column_name>', minimum length <length_value>


Definition of source and target table <table_name> do not match: <description>


Communication packet size too small to run IMPORT for PAGES of <N>kb. Increase value of parameter _PACKET_SIZE and restart the database


Encoding type of source and target database do not match: source = <type>, target = <type>


Different byte swap of source and target computer. The Loader must run on the same processor memory architecture for EXPORT and IMPORT in PAGE format


Error exporting <type> data of table <table_name>. See Loader server log file for more information


Conversion from UNICODE data to ASCII data is not supported. This conversion may cause information loss


No long file info given for LONG column '<column_name>'


Errors analyzing long file information. See Loader server log file for more information


Specified maximum number of LONG data files for column '<column_name>' exceeded


LONGFILE specification missing or incorrect


Error processing LONG value (column '<column_name>'): <error_code>


Error processing LONG value(s): <error_text>


Name of table to import <table_name> and the table currently being processed in data file <file_name> do not match


Data file corrupted: trailer not found


Data file corrupted: header not found


Error converting data from <source_encoding> to <target_encoding>. Source contains invalid characters or character sequences


Error generating CREATE TABLE/INDEX statements. Table name is ambiguous (different users have a table with this name)


SQL statement is too long


[MySQL MaxDB][SQLOD32 DLL][MaxDB] <error_text>


Error during check if table <table_name> exists <error_text>


Catalog of table <table_name> changed while processing <import> command; reparse failed; To restart the command append <record_no> to the infile specification


Error reading system table SYSLOADER.CODEPAGE


Error creating/granting system table SYSLOADER.CODEPAGE <code_page>; using codepage file


Error opening/reading code page file <code_page>. Can't use code page conversion


Invalid HEX constant <hex_value> found in code page file. The file might be corrupted


Invalid ASCII values read or values not sorted in ascending order; The file might be corrupted


Integrity violation (SQL_Error)


Errors processing data for table <table_name>; No data imported/updated


Errors processing data for table <table_name>. Data not completely imported/updated


Errors processing command exceed maximum number of errors to ignore; processing stopped


Error opening file <file_name> : <error_text>


Error closing file <file_name> : <error_text>


Error reading file <file_name> : <error_text>


Error writing file <file_name> : <error_text>


Error erasing file <file_name> : <error_text>


Error truncating file <file_name> : <error_text>


File <file_name> is not encoded as <encoding>


Error importing statistics: <error_text>


Error exporting statistics: <error_text>


Error restoring table <table_name>. Table does not exist – table must be created before import


Error restoring table <table_name>. Table is not empty


Error processing IMPORT in PAGE Format. Loader versions used for EXPORT and IMPORT differ (EXPORT <version>, IMPORT <version>)


Internal error [<file_name>,<line_no>,<error_code>]. Contact support