Backup Wizard

You can use the Backup Wizard to guide you through the entire process of backing up a database instance.


In the Database Manager GUI, choose Instance ® Backup ® Backup Wizard.

Choose Next to start each of the required backup steps.

       1.      You can back up the data from a database instance either locally, or on a remote computer.
Choose the desired database instance or enter the following information directly:
Database Server: Name of the computer on which the database instance is located
Database Name: Database name
User Name: Name of the Database Manager operator (DBM operator)
Password: Password of the Database Manager operator

       2.      If necessary, switch the database instance to the desired operational state.

       3.      Choose the desired backup type:
Complete Data Backup
Incremental Data Backup
Log Backup
Activate/deactivate automatic log backup
Additionally, note the information about completed backups shown in the
Backup Wizard.

       4.      Select a backup template.
If no backup template is as yet available, you can create this (see Managing the Backup Templates).

       5.      Start the desired Backup Procedure.

       6.      Close the Backup Wizard.

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