Translation Process


VMAKE and its tools translate module files using description files. The resulting files are called object files.

Process Flow


       1.      VMAKE copies the module files into the tmp temporary run directory.

       2.      Selecting the translation tools

       3.      Unpacking the Module Files

       4.      Translating the Module Files

       5.      VMAKE temporarily stores the output files (object files and include files) in the temporary run directory.

       6.      VMAKE copies the object files to the respective obj directory and the include files to the incl directory for the relevant layer. If VMAKE is operating in debug mode (see Activating the Debug Mode), the module files are also copied to the corresponding debug directory. VMAKE creates a date file for each module file that is used to create a target.

In the different phases of the MAKE process of a <file_name>.<ext>, the <file_name> is preserved but the <ext> file extension changes.