-7029: Function not allowed for this data type



       1.      A DATE, TIME, TIMESTAMP, USER, USERGROUP, TRUE, FALSE or STAMP entry was used for a default specification of a column whose data type is incompatible with this entry.

       2.      A set function with DISTINCT was called for a value whose maximum length exceeds 1024 bytes.

       3.      A function was called for a value which does not allow this function to be used.

       4.      A date_or_timestamp_expression was created together with a value whose data type is invalid for this.

User Action:


       1.      In the case of a default specification, you need to choose another default specification or delete the current one altogether.

       2.      Use the SUBSTR function to shorten the value.

       3.      Use a QUERY statement issued on the DOMAIN.COLUMNS system table to determine the data types of the specified columns. You can check whether it's possible to achieve the desired effect using a function to convert numbers into character strings or vice versa.