Exporting and Importing Using Backup Tools from Other Providers

If you use export/import Loader commands to export/import the entire application and/or database catalog data (EXPORT/IMPORT DB), you can use backup tools from other providers.



       1.      Connecting Backup Tools from Other Providers

       2.      Specify the backup tool
To do so, use the Loader command SET BACKUPTOOL.


You start to export and import the data directly with the Loader. When you specify the data streams, you have to select the data carrier type TAPE (or TAPE <ebid_spec>) as the data carrier is a tape that is addressed via a backup tool from another provider.

?     Export: specify TAPE as the data carrier type.
The Loader implicitly creates the pipes for transferring the backup data during transfer. They must not be available beforehand.

?     Import: specify TAPE <ebid_spec>(<ebid_spec> ::= EBID '<literal>') as the data carrier type.
When you import data using backup tools from other providers, the external backup ID
literal must be specified after the keywords TAPE EBID.
The external backup ID identifies the required data stream.


After you have finished exporting data with a backup tool from another provider, the external backup ID is written to the log file and the transformation table of the Loader. If necessary, you must use this log information to determine the external backup ID.

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