From -1 to -699

Database Kernel Error Messages


Duplicate key in index


Execution failed, parse again


Duplicate key


Duplicate secondary key


Integrity violation


View violation


Referential integrity violated


Foreign key integrity violation


Lock collision


Lock request timeout


Lock request timeout


Lock collision


Work rolled back


Work rolled back


Session inactivity timeout (Work rolled back)


Session terminated by shutdown (Work rolled back)


Too many SQL statements (Work rolled back)


SQL statement not available in this DB mode


SQL statement canceled


SQL statement not available for this application


DBM command impossible at this time


Table unloaded or content deleted


SQL statement not allowed for this instance


Table or index dropped or content deleted


Incompatible incremental backup


Table is read only


No more log to save


Data backup missing (backup history lost)


Log backup is not possible because log writing has been switched off


Log backup is not possible because the log overwrite mode has been enabled


Referential integrity violated


System error