Activating, Deactivating, or Deleting Indexes

You can use the Database Manager GUI to determine which of the existing indexes have been used in a database instance.

You can also activate, deactivate, or delete selected indexes.


The database instance is in the ONLINE operational state.


Select the required database instance in the list of database instances.

1.       Choose Instance ® Tuning ® Index Use.

2.       You can choose which indices are to be displayed. To do this, enter appropriate search arguments:



Table Name

Name of the table

Index Name

Name of the index

You can also choose between the following options:

Disabled indexes only

Only indexes that have been deactivated

Unused indexes only

Only indexes that have not been used

3.       Choose Actions ® Search. A list of the indexes that match your criteria is then displayed.

4.       Select the indexes that you want to activate.
If you want to activate all of the indexes displayed, choose Actions
® Mark All.
Select the indexes you want to deactivate in the list.

5.       Choose Actions and the action you want to perform.

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