Database Instance Management

The table below provides you with links to descriptions of various database management tasks:

Creating, initializing or deleting a database instance

Creating a database instance

Initializing an Existing Database Instance

Deleting a Database Instance

Displaying, creating, changing, or deleting the list of database instances

Screen Areas of the Database Manager GUI

Managing the List of Database Instances

Creating a database instance connection to the DBM Server

Connection to the DBM Server

Starting or stopping the database instance

Starting (Restarting) the Database Instance

Stopping the Database Instance (Shutdown)

Backing up or restoring a database instance



Monitoring database sessions

Monitoring the Operating Status

Displaying Database Sessions

Closing a Database Session Manually

Create, display, change, or delete a user

Managing the Database System Administrator

Managing Database Manager Operators

Managing Database Users

Creating, displaying, changing, or deleting volumes

Creating, displaying and deleting volumes

Changing Volume Properties

Displaying Data Area Information

Displaying Log Area Information

Switching on/off Automatic Extension of the Data Area

Displaying and changing database parameters

Displaying and Changing Database Parameters

Changing Database Parameters for Volumes

Displaying and changing log settings

Displaying Log Area Information

Changing Log Settings

Setting up a hot standby system

Setting Up a Master Instance (Hot Standby)

Adding a Standby Instance (Hot Standby)

Activating, deactivating, or deleting indexes

Activating, Deactivating, or Deleting Indexes

Language support (MapChar sets)

Creating, Displaying, Changing and Deleting Mapchar Sets

Updating statistics

Updating Statistical Information

Loading demo data

Creating a Database Instance: Desktop PC/Laptop

Loading Demo Data

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