Changing Volume Properties

You can use the Database Manager GUI to change volume properties.


The database instance is in the OFFLINE operational state.

You have copied the log or data volume to a new location and you want to inform the Database Manager GUI of the path to the new location.



       1.      Select the required database instance in the list of database instances.

       2.      Choose Instance ® Configuration ® Volumes.
All the existing volumes of the selected type are displayed.


Name of the volume


Size of the volume


File, raw device, or symbolic link


Device/path and file name of the volume

M. Type

File, raw device, or symbolic link (mirrored volume)

M. Location

Path of the mirrored log volume

       3.      Select the volume you want to change.

       4.      Choose Action ® Properties.

       5.      Specify the device or path and file name of the volume under Device/File.

       6.      Choose OK.

When you now restart the database instance the database system will know the new path.

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