Changing Database Parameters for Volumes

You can use the Database Manager GUI to define database parameters, including those that define the maximum number of volumes in a database instance: the general database parameters MAXDATAVOLUMES and MAXLOGVOLUMES.

You can change the settings of both database parameters at a later date regardless of which operational state the database instance is in. Like all database parameter changes, these changes take effect the next time the database instance is restarted.



       1.      For the database parameters MAXDATAVOLUMES and MAXLOGVOLUMES, proceed as described in Displaying and Changing Database Parameters.

    2.      Restart the database instance.

The Database Manager GUI switches the database instance to the OFFLINE operational state before switching it back to the ONLINE operational state, saving the new value of the database parameter in the parameter file.

The Database Manager GUI reserves the memory required by this number of volumes, plus reserve memory large enough for the largest volume of this type. This reserve allows you to create an additional volume of this type while the database is running if the original number of volumes is not enough.

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