Displaying and Changing Database Parameters

You can use the Database Manager GUI to display and change the database parameters of the current database instance. You can do this in any operational state of the database instance.

The changes to database parameters do not take effect until the database instance is restarted.

You can also change some database parameters while the database is running. In addition you can choose how long the change is to be effective for these database parameters.

For more information about individual database parameters, see Concepts of the Database System, Database Parameters.



       1.      Choose Instance ®Configuration ® Parameters.

The database parameters are displayed. They are divided into three groups:

0     General Database Parameters (General)

0     Special Database Parameters (Extended)

0     Support Database Parameters (Support)

       2.      Choose the database parameters you want.

       3.      Choose Action ® Properties.

       4.      Enter the new value of the database parameter under New Value.


Name of database parameter


Current value of the database parameter

New value

New value of the database parameter


User-defined comment

This comment is displayed in the history of the database parameters. See Displaying Database Parameters


?     Permanent: Change is permanent

?     Running: Change is immediately effective


Help text on the selected parameter

       5.      Confirm your entries.