Errors in the Execution of the Program SDBINST

If errors occur when you execute the program SDBINST, the program terminates abnormally with a message about the cause of the error.

Frequent Causes of Errors


       1.      Files of the software you want to update are still being used.

Ў        Administration sessions are still running, which means that the Database Manager CLI is still active.

Ў        Applications are still running that use the runtime or scripting interfaces of the database system

       2.      There is not enough disk space for the new software.

       3.      You have attempted to update a 64 bit database kernel with software for a 32 bit kernel. This is not possible.

       4.      You are attempting to update the software with SDBINST. However, you have ignored the dependencies between the software components; these dependencies concern the versions of the components or the order in which they need to be installed.

User Action

Remove the cause of the error and execute the program again.