Method relative


relative is a method of theclass SapDB_ResultSet.

With this method you position the cursor on a data record which is located a certain number of data records back/forward in the result set.


relative (offset)


Number of data records back or forward relative to the current position that the cursor should be moved

offset > 0: You move the cursor forwards in the result set

offset < 0: You move the cursor backwards in the result set


?     Data record at the specified position in the result set

?     If the result set is empty/if offset is greater than the number of data records back/forward from the current cursor position: None


?     You move the cursor 5 data records forward:

row = cursor.relative (5)

?     You move the cursor 1 data record back:

row = cursor.relative (-1)

This expression is equivalent to row = cursor.previous ().

?     Executing SQL Statements and Navigating in the Result Set