RENAME TABLE statement

A RENAME TABLE statement (rename_table_statement) changes the name of a base table.


<rename_table_statement> ::=
RENAME TABLE <old_table_name> TO <new_table_name>

<old_table_name> ::= <table_name>
<new_table_name> ::= <table_name>


SQL Tutorial, Tables


If a schema name is not specified in the table name, the current schema is assumed implicitly. The old table name must identify a base table that is not a temporary table.

The current user must have the CREATEIN privilege for the schema identified by new_table_name .

The new table name must not already be assigned to a base or view table or a private synonym in the schema identified by new_table_name .

The old_table_name  table is assigned the name specified in the new_table_name. All of the properties of the table (e.g. privileges, indexes) remain unchanged. The definitions of view tables based on the old table name are adapted to the new name.