-7036: ROWNO- specification not allowed in this context


One of the following conditions was violated:


       1.      The specification ROWNO may only be used in QUERY statements. The <QUERY statement> must not contain a UNION, EXCEPT or INTERSECT specification.

       2.      The ROWNO predicate can be used within the search condition, in the form ROWNO < <rowno_spec> or ROWNO <= <rowno_spec>.In other words, ROWNO is to the left of the operator.

       3.      The ROWNO predicate may occur only once in a search condition. It must be connected with other predicates by logical AND.

User Action:


       1.      In the case of UNION, EXCEPT or INTERSECT, the effect can be achieved by two successive <QUERY statement>s.

       2.      Correct the search condition for the SQL statement accordingly.