The monitor system table MONITOR_LOG contains information about operations performed by the logging functions of the database system.





Log page physical reads

Number of physically read log pages

Log page physical writes

Number of physically written log pages

Log queue pages

Size of the log queue in pages

Log queue max used pages

Maximum number of used log queue pages

Log queue inserts

Number of insert operations in the log queue

Log queue overflows

Number of log queue overflows

Log queue group commits

Number of group COMMITs

Log queue waits for log page write

Number of waits for log write operations

Log queue max waits per log page

Maximum number of waits per log page

Log queue avg waits per log page

Average number of waits per log page

The system table MONITOR_LOG exists only to enable compatibility with older database versions. Instead of the system table MONITOR_LOG, use the system table LOGSTATISTICS.

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