GRANT USERGROUP Statement (grant_usergroup_statement)

The GRANT USER GROUP statement (grant_usergroup_statement) grants another user the owner privilege that the database system administrator (SYSDBA user) or a database administrator (DBA user) has over a user group.


<grant_usergroup_statement> ::= GRANT USERGROUP <granted_usergroups> [FROM <user_name>] TO <user_name>

<granted_usergroups> ::= <usergroup_name>,...| *


The current user must be a DBA user.

The user names specified after the FROM and TO keywords must be different and must identify DBA users. If FROM <user name>is not specified, the current user is assumed implicitly.

The user group name must identify a user group for which the FROM user possesses owner rights. All user groups for which the FROM user has owner rights are indicated by an asterisk *.

The FROM user grants the TO user the owner rights that the FROM user has over the specified user groups. These rights are revoked from the FROM user. In particular, the TO user is granted the right to drop any user group, to alter the user class and properties of this user group, and to drop or create group members.