Run Directory

The run directory of a database instance is the directory where the database system saves configuration and log files. If you enter a relative path when working with a database instance, the database system will always interpret this path as being relative to the run directory.

When you create a new database instance, you configure the <independent_data_path>, thereby implicitly configuring the run directory path. The default value for the run directory path is <independent_data_path>\wrk\<database_name>. The database system stores the run directory path in the general database parameter RUNDIRECTORY.

Run directory of the database instance DEMODB

Microsoft Windows:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\sdb\data\wrk\DEMODB



After a system breakdown and a restart, the database system transfers the old log files to the <diag_history_path>directory (default value: <independent_data_path>\wrk\<database_name>\DIAGHISTORY).

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