Creating/Changing/Deleting a Synchronization User

You can use the Database Manager GUI to create a synchronization user, change the SQL user properties of a synchronization user, or delete this user.


The database instance is in the ONLINE operational state.

Deleting Synchronization Users


       1.      Choose Instance ® Configuration ®Database User... .

       2.      Enter the name and password of the database system administrator (SYSDBA user).

       3.      Choose New User.

       4.      Choose the General tab page and enter the following SQL user properties.

SQL User Properties




Enter the name of the synchronization user.


Enter the password for the synchronization user.

Confirm Password

Confirm the password for the synchronization user.

User Class

Use the database user class DBA

Connection Mode

Set NOT EXCLUSIVE as the connection mode (synchronization users can open multiple database sessions simultaneously).

       5.      Choose the Extended tab page and select the SQL user property Replication User.
You can find a description of other SQL user properties in the section Creating/Changing/Deleting a Database User.

See Conventions for User Names and Passwords. Only one synchronization user can exist at any one time.

Changing/Deleting Synchronization Users

The following SQL user properties for the synchronization user may not be changed.

?     User Class

?     Connection Mode

?     Replication User

In order to change other SQL user properties of the synchronization user or to delete the synchronization user, proceed as described in the section Creating/Changing/Deleting a Database User.

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