Creating a Database Instance: My Templates

My Templates enables you to create a database instance with the Database Manager GUI using existing data from a template for database instances. You can change all presettings for database parameters, volumes and so on for this database instance individually.


Note the usual prerequisites when Creating a Database Instance.

You must have created templates for creating a database instance (see also: Concepts of the Database System, Templates for Database Instances).


Choose Instance ® Create... .

Choose Next to start each of the required steps. Choose My Templates.

  1. Choose the required template for creating a database instance using Open Template.
  2. You can change the template for creating a database instance under Properties 

In order to create a database instance, proceed as described in Adding a Database Instance: Custom..


The database instance is created in accordance with your entries and transferred to the ONLINE operational state.

In addition to the necessary users, volumes and so on, an initial backup template called INITIALBACKUP is created and data is backed up to this template. To create additional backup templates, proceed as described in Managing the Backup Templates. To carry out additional backups, proceed as described in Backup Procedures.

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