Creating a Database Instance: Desktop PC/Laptop

You can create database instance with the Database Manager GUI using Desktop PC /Laptop. This database instance is preconfigured for use by database users and is ideal for carrying out tests of smaller applications and reproducing examples from the tutorials using demo data.


Note the usual prerequisites when Creating a Database Instance.


Choose Instance ® Create... .

Choose Next to start each of the required steps. Choose Desktop PC / Laptop.

       1.      Make the following entries:

0     Database Name: Name of database instance (see also: Concepts of the Database System, Conventions for Database Names). In the demo environment, DEMODB is used for the name of the database instance.

0     Database Size (MB): Size of database instance

0     Select Load Tutorial Data if you want to load all demo data (see: Concepts of the Database System, Demo Database).
If you do not select
Load Tutorial, the demo data is not loaded when the database instance is created. You can load the demo data at a later point in time however. In such cases, proceed as described in Loading Demo Data.

0     Database System Administrator: Enter the name and password for the Database System Administrator (SYSDBA user). Do not use special characters and do not choose the name SYSDBA. We recommend using upper case (see: Concepts of the Database System, Conventions for User Names and Passwords). In the demo environment, DBADMIN and SECRET are used as the name and password respectively for the database system administrator.

       2.      Confirm the location of the volumes for the data and the log area or change this.

       3.      If you want to save your configuration as a template for creating database instances, choose Save Template as... (see also Concepts of the Database System, Templates for Database Instances).

       4.      Choose Start. If errors occur, the procedure is terminated immediately. However, the state reached before the error occurred is preserved.

       5.      Select Close to close the wizard.


The database instance is created and transferred to the ONLINE operational state.

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