The database system stores its programs and libraries in two different root directories.

The first root directory is the Independent Program Path. There is always only one Independent Program Path on each computer. This is defined in the first installation of the MaxDB software.

The second root directory is the Dependent Path. This directory is only created on the database computer. The programs and libraries of the database core are stored in this directory. A database computer can contain any number of Dependent Path root directories. Thus every database instance can be operated with its own database core.

During the installation of the MaxDB software, the system provides default values for the root directories which you can adapt to your requirements. The default values provided vary because the system considers the conditions of the installation environment when creating the default values – that is, whether MaxDB software installations already exist and which paths they were stored under, whether the software is being installed within an SAP system or for a stand-alone open source installation, and so on.

Therefore, the directory structures presented in the documentation are only for orientation purposes.

For overviews of the paths created during the installation under Microsoft Windows and UNIX/Linux, see:

Directory Structure Within SAP Systems

Directory Structure Outside SAP Systems

Important Directories in the Database System


Contents of directory


The programs and libraries jointly used by all database instances and applications

These always have the latest installed version of the database software.


Runtime environment of the clients, such as JDBC, Precompiler


Installation directory of the database software,

Storage location of the software version-dependent server software

Any number of directories of different versions can exist simultaneously.

All programs in these version-dependent directories are not executed directly by the user, but are called using the programs stored in the <independent_program_path>.


Data, configuration and run directories of database instances and applications


Configuration files for database parameters, data for user authorization, etc.


Run directory of database instance <database_name>


Diagnosis files (backups of the most important log files and memory dumps) that the database system saves after a database error

You can configure the path of this directory with the special database parameter DIAG_HISTORY_PATH


Includes log and configuration files of the database tool <tool>


Contains the data generated with the database tool <tool> by the logged-on operating system user