Backing Up the Database Instance on a Remote Computer


You can back up the data and log entries from the local computer on a remote computer.

If you want to save to files, the property Data carrier (device/file) in the respective backup template must point to a folder that is located on a remote computer and was defined with read and write access. You can only perform such backups with a user that has operating system user rights on both computers.

In Microsoft Windows, you can also execute backups to pipes that are located on a remote computer.


You want to create a complete data backup of database instance DEMODB on the local computer GENUA and store the backup on the remote computer PARMA in the directory C:\Backups 2006\Data. You have defined a backup template for a complete data backup to a file with the following properties:

Backup template name: DemoDataCompl_remote
Data carrier (device/file):\\PARMA\Backups 2006\Data\completeDataFe
Backup type: complete data backup (
Size restriction: none (
Block size:
Overwrite: NO

To read the prerequisites, see Database Manager CLI, backup_start

See also:

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Concepts of the Database System, Backing Up and Restoring with Remote Computers



       1.      Call the Database Manager CLI in session mode, log on as operator OLEG with the password MONDAY, connect to the local database instance DEMODB.

>dbmcli –u OLEG,MONDAY –d DEMODB

dbmcli on DEMODB>

       2.      Transfer the database instance to the OFFLINE operational state:

dbmcli on DEMODB>db_offline


       3.      Go to the Administrative Tools area on your operating system. In the service entry for the current database instance (has the status STARTED), change the logon Log on as local system account to an operating system user valid for GENUA. This user must also be valid for the remote computer PARMA.

       4.      Transfer the database instance to the ONLINE operational state (now under the operating system user just entered)

dbmcli on DEMODB>db_online


       5.      Open a database session:

dbmcli on DEMODB>db_connect


       6.      Start the complete data backup using the backup template DemoDataCompl_remote:

dbmcli on DEMODB>backup_start DemoDataCompl_remote


Returncode              0

Date                    20061901

Time                    00093116

Server                  GENUA

Database                DB7.6

Kernel Version          Kernel    7.6.00   Build 018-003-000-000

Pages Transferred       6200

Pages Left              0

Volumes                 1

Medianame               DemoDataCompl_remote

Location                \\PARMA\Backups 2006\Data\completeDataFeb


Label                   DAT_000000003

Is Consistent           true

First LOG Page                  16212

Last LOG Page

DB Stamp 1 Date         20061901

DB Stamp 1 Time         00093116

DB Stamp 2 Date

DB Stamp 2 Time

Page Count              16667

Devices Used            1

Database ID             GENUA:DEMODB_20051014_142158

Max Used Data Page      0

Converter Page Count    13


The data from the local database instance DEMODB has been backed up on the remote computer PARMA in the directory Backups 2006\Datawith the file name completeDataFeb.