Changing the Values of Multiple Database Parameters


To change multiple database parameters, you first explicitly open a parameter session. In the parameter session you assign a new value to each of the parameters you wish to change and have the system check all the new parameter values. Then you confirm all the changes to the parameter file.

You can enter an option to define if you would like the parameter session to remain open or to be closed once the changes have been confirmed.

To read the prerequisites, see Database Manager CLI, param_startsession, param_put, param_checkall, param_commitsession



       1.      Call the Database Manager CLI in session mode, log on as operator OLEG with the password MONDAY, connect to the database instance DEMODB:

>dbmcli –u OLEG,MONDAY –d DEMODB

dbmcli on DEMODB>

       2.      Opening a parameter session

dbmcli on DEMODB>param_startsession


       3.      Change the parameter value for MAXUSERTASKS to 5, for MAXLOCKS to 2000 and for CACHE_SIZE to 8000.

You want the new values for the parameter to be become effective only after a restart. (There is no need to enter the corresponding option, –permanent; this is the system default value):

dbmcli on DEMODB>param_put MAXUSERTASKS 5


dbmcli on DEMODB>param_put MAXLOCKS 2000


dbmcli on DEMODB>param_put CACHE_SIZE 8000


       4.      Start the check of the database parameters by the database system:

dbmcli on DEMODB>param_checkall


       5.      Confirm the changes made to the database parameter file:

dbmcli on DEMODB>param_commitsession