Creating the Demo Database Instance DEMODB


A demo database instance was developed for demonstration purposes. This demo database instance, with the name DEMODB, is the basis for the examples in the MaxDB documentation.

If you want to use the demo database instance, your must first create it and fill it with the demo data. Use the Installation Manager to do this.

A number of parameters of the demo database instance have been set especially for exercise purposes. For this reason, we do not recommend that you use this demo database instance for a production system.


Open the Installation Manager  to create a database instance.


       1.      Choose the option Start Installation/Upgrade.

       2.      You are on the screen Select component group to be installed.
Choose the option
Server + Client and then Next.

       3.      You are on the screen Choose installation type.
Choose the option
Install software and create database and then Next.

       4.      You are on the screen Select database configuration.
Choose the option Desktop PC/Laptop and then Next.

       5.      You are on the screen Database configuration.

0     For the Database name, enter DEMODB.

0     If you want to load the demo data, leave the selection for the option Load Tutorial Data. You need the demo data, for example, to work with the Tutorial database management and the Loader tutorial.
If you do not want to load the demo data, deselect the option
Load Tutorial Data. You thus have the option to manually add the demo data to the database instance, as described in the SQL tutorial.

0     For the User name, accept the value DBADMIN, and define the value SECRET for User password. Enter this value again in the field Confirm password.

       6.      Then confirm all the default values of the Installation Manager for creating the database instance.


You now have a complete database instance with which you can reproduce in detail the exercises in the documentation:

?     Name of the demo database instance: DEMODB

?     Name/password of the database system administrator: DBADMIN/SECRET

?     Name/password of a database user: MONA/RED

?     Schema: HOTEL

Other demo data: Objects in the Schema HOTEL

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