Executing Database Procedures


You execute a database procedure <dbproc_name> in interactive mode (session mode).

For information about the other options for executing database procedures in the SQLCLI, see Executing Commands.


You are logged on to a database instance with SQLCLI.


call <dbproc_name> (<parameter_value_1>,<parameter_value_2>,..., <parameter_value_n)

Enter the parameter values <parameter_value_n> as follows:

?     For input parameters, enter the value between inverted commas.

?     For output parameters, enter a placeholder. As a placeholder, you can use either a question mark ? or the name of the placeholder in the following notation: :<placeholder_name>

For more information, see Executing SQLCLI Commands.


See SQL Tutorial, Database Procedures

See also:

SQL Reference Manual, Name of a Database Procedure (dbproc_name)