Setting Up an SSL Connection


You may use SSL to encrypt communication between the Java application and the database instance.


?     You use MaxDB in an SAP System.

?     You have installed MaxDB 7.6 or above.

?     You have configured your MaxDB installation for SSL. You can find more information in the Installation Guide (see Concepts of the Database System, Download).

?     You have installed Sun Java JDK 1.4.0 or above (see


If you have received the server certificate from a Certification Authority included on the list of trusted Certification Authorities of the Java platform, you can begin with step 2.


       1.         To add the server certificate to the list of trusted certificates, import it using the keytool program of the Java platform to a trust store file. You require the following information to do this:

0     Name of trust store file

0     Password for the trust store file

0     Name of the file that the certificate for MaxDB is saved in.

You can find more information in the documentation of the keytool program (see

       2.      Select the following properties for the connection:



0     Method java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection

0     Class


The Java application uses SSL for the connection to the database instance.

You can select the connection options in such a way that the database system does not execute all security checks when creating an SSL connection.

Only switch off the checks for development or testing purposes because otherwise the security of the connection to the database instance is not guaranteed or only partially guaranteed.

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