The string function GET_SCHEMA(x,o) returns the name of the schema of the specified database object.

Identifier of the object: x

The argument x is a string literal in the format[<schema_name>.]<identifier> or a character parameter of this type. Schema schema_name or identifier identifier can be special identifiers.

Object type: o

You can use one of the following key words:

·        DBPROC[EDURE]: Database procedure

·        DOMAIN: Domain

·        SEQUENCE: Sequence

·        SYNONYM: Synonym

·        VIEW: View table

·        TABLE: Table

Result of the GET_SCHEMA(x,o) Function

x identifies an object that is not of object type o

NULL value

Object x does not exist

NULL value

Object x exists, however the current user does not have any privileges for this object

NULL value

Object x exists for the schema specified under schema_nameand the current user has a privilege for this object


Object x exists, and the current user has a privilege for this object

First schema of this object found in the search hierarchy

For some object types, there is no search hierarchy. In this case, the function only searches for the object in the schema of the current user.