The action related to exporting/importing/transporting is known as a transformation and is described using entries in the Loader-specific system tables.


A transformation is identified using Loader and database instance details (connection information), a transformation type (export, import, transport), a transformation package (specification of the data to be transported), and the specification of the data streams (data carriers, data formats used).

The Loader uses metadata, which can be in different formats, for the logical description of data and its transformation. When the system tables of the Loader are filled, this can, among other things, be used for restarting a transformation.

The range of language of the Loader allows for the transformation of the data of the entire database, of a database instance, of a table of a user, or of a set of qualified columns of a table or multiple tables. That is, the data is summarized in transformation packages. Using the corresponding Loader commands you can process the transformation packages.

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Additional Information

A transformation of all the application data or the entire database catalog can also be carried out using third-party backup tools.

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