? output : <list>

You can only use this option in link descriptions.

Targets of link descriptions are given the name of the link description and are stored in a path specified by VMAKE.

Use the ? output : <list> option to change the name and/or path of several output files, or create copies of individual files. To do so, you create a list <list>, in which you assign one or more paths to one or more targets. VMAKE then changes the name and path definition specified for this target by the system.

If you specify a directory in the list or end an entry with a slash, the file retains the name assigned by the system and is copied to the specified directory.

To change the name and/or path for one individual output file, use the -><output> option.

An output file can have different file extensions on different platforms. In this case, specify the file extension * for the target. By doing so, you can avoid having to define individual output files for each platform.

Dynamic libraries have the file extension dll on Microsoft Windows and so or sl (HP-UX) on UNIX.

Specify the libtest.* list with path specifications for targets:

? output : $DBROOT/misc/libtest.*