You display the restart information of the database instance.

You can thus determine which data pages are in the log area and whether restarting the database instance is possible. You need this information, for example, when you want to restore a database instance.

See also:

Database Administration Tutorial, Evaluating the Restart Information and Backup History for Importing Backups

Concepts of the Database System, Example: Restart


?     You have the server authorization Recovery.

?     The database instance is in the ONLINE or ADMIN operational state.





Used LOG Page              <page_no>

First LOG Page             <page_no>

Restartable                (1|0)

Id Restart Record          <database_ID>

Id LOG Info                <database_ID>

Consistent                 (1|0)

Log Volume Enabled         (1|0)

Log Auto Overwrite         (1|0)

Master Servernode          <computer_name>

Converter Version          <converter_version_no>

Oldest Compatible Version  <software_version_no>

Queue Count                <log_queue_no>

Values for the Reply Fields



Used LOG Page

Next log page to be used by the system after restarting

First LOG Page

Oldest available log page



1. The database instance can be restarted.

0: The database instance cannot be restarted.

Id Restart Record

Database ID of the data area of the database instance (stored in the restart information)

Id LOG Info

Database ID of the log area of the database instance


Consistency of the database instance, that is, restartability without importing log entries

1: Can be started without importing log entries

0: Cannot be started without importing log entries

Log Volume Enabled

1: The database system writes redo log entries (default value)

0: The database system does not write redo log entries

Log Auto Overwrite

Overwrite mode for the log area

1: Activated

0: Deactivated

Master Servernode

Only relevant for hot standby systems: Name of the computer running the master instance

Converter Version

Converter version

Oldest Compatible Version

Oldest compatible version of the database software

Queue Count

Number of log queues

In the event of errors, see Reply Format.


Log on to the Database Manager CLI as operator OLEG with password MONDAY, connect to the DEMODB database instance on the computer PARMA, display the restart information:

>dbmcli -u OLEG,MONDAY -d DEMODB db_restartinfo


Used LOG Page                   710

First LOG Page                  2147483647

Restartable                     1

Id Restart Record               PARMA:DEMODB_20060202_141737

Id LOG Info                     PARMA:DEMODB_20060202_141737

Consistent                      1

Log Volume Enabled              1

Log Auto Overwrite              1

Master Servernode               PARMA

Converter Version               13

Oldest Compatible Version

Queue Count                     1