You activate the function for the automatic backup of the log area.

The first time you activate automatic log backup, you need to specify the name of a backup template which will be used to automatically back up the log area.

The backup template can be specified for the LOG or AUTO backup types. If you specify a backup template that was created for the LOG backup type, the system changes this property to AUTO.

If automatic log backup has been activated before and you do not specify a backup template, the system takes the last backup template used for automatic log backup.

For security reasons, you copy the backup files that the automatic log backup creates on another data carrier outside the database computer.

See also:

Database Administration Tutorial, Activating Automatic Log Backup

Concepts of the Database System, Backing up Log Entries, Archiving Backup Files


?     You have the server authorization Backup.

?     You have performed at least one complete data backup for the database instance (see: backup_start).

?     You have specified a backup template for the log backup (see: medium_put).


autolog_on [<medium_name>]


Name of the backup template

The default backup template is the last one used for automatic log backup of the database instance



In the event of errors, see Reply Format.


Call the Database Manager CLI, log on as DBM operator OLEG with password MONDAY, connect to the database instance DEMODB, activate the function for automatic log backup and use the backup template DemoAutoLog:

>dbmcli -u OLEG,MONDAY -d DEMODB autolog_on DemoAutoLog