Options for Diagnosing Problems

In the event of errors or performance problems, the Database Manager GUI offers you a number of options for diagnosing the problem. You can also use other database tools to carry out your performance diagnosis.



       1.      Select the required database instance in the list of database instances.
Connect to the DBM server for this database instance if necessary.

       2.      Choose one of the following diagnosis options or database tools:

Diagnosis Options and Database Tools

Menu Command


Instance  ® Check ® Database Structure

Checking Database Structures

Instance ® Check ® Backup

Checking Backup

Instance ® Check ® Database Server

Checking the Database Computer

Instance ® Check ® Diagnosis Files

Reading Log Files

Instance ® Check ® Database Trace

Using the Database Trace

Instance ® Check ® Database Analyzer

Displaying and Deleting Database Analyzer Information

Tools ® SQL Studio

Using SQL Studio

Instance ® Command Line

Using the Database Manager CLI

Instance ® OMS Caches

For liveCache instances only; Displaying OMS Caches

Instance ® OMS Container

For liveCache instances only; Displaying OMS Class Containers

Instance ® OMS Monitor

For liveCache instances only; Activating the OMS Monitor

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