Displaying Information

You can get a general overview of the information and statistics on important database functions available in the Database Manager GUI.

In the Database Manager console you can display all DBM commands from the Database Manager GUI that are executed for actions involving the administration of a database instance.



       1.      Select the desired database instance in the list of database instances.
Connect to the DBM server for this database instance if necessary.

       2.      Select Instance ®Information.

       3.      Choose the area for which you wish to obtain detailed information.

To start the Database Manager console, chose Instance ® Database Manager Console.


Information is given on the following topics:


Displaying Database Activities


Displaying Cache Information

Data Area

Displaying Data Area Information

Log Area

Displaying Log Area Information

Backup History

Displaying the Backup History


Displaying Database Parameters


Displaying Database Sessions

System Info Tables

Displaying System Tables

If you use the Database Manager Console, in the console’s display you can track which DBM commands are used for which administrative tasks. You can save the DBM commands as required in a file you have defined, or you can use them directly for executing administrative tasks with Database Manager CLI.

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