Restoring a Mirrored Log Volume

If your log volumes are mirrored, it is possible that one of the volume mirrors may fail. If there are problems accessing the log area or the mirror log area, the affected log volume is flagged as BAD, and the database instance is transferred to the OFFLINE operational state.

You can use the Database Manager GUI to restore a damaged mirror log volume. When you do so, the complete content of the relevant log volume is copied from the other log area to the faulty log volume. This ensures that, if disk errors destroy the content of a log volume, the database instance does not need to be restored, since the content of the log volume is mirrored.


The database instance is in the ADMIN operational state.


1.       Choose Instance ® Recovery ® Volumes.
Select the
BAD volumes that you want to recover.

2.       Choose Actions ® Reintegrate to start copying the mirror volume.

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