Restoring Without a Backup History

You can use the Recovery Wizard to restore interactively. You can also perform a recovery if the backup history is not available.


The database instance is in the ADMIN operational state.

The backup history contains errors or is no longer complete.


Use the Recovery Wizard.


       1.      Choose Restore a medium.
You can now choose a time up to which you want to restore the information from a backup. In this case, select
Restore database until a specified time and enter a time.
The system default is the current time. If you do not change the time proposed by the system, the backups are restored in full together with all the changes they contain.

       2.      A list of all existing backup templates is displayed.

       3.      Select the backup template whose data is to be restored.
If you are performing a restore with backup tool from other providers, the system displays a list of backups. Select the required external backup IDs if necessary.

       4.      The system prompts you to insert the specified data carrier. If you are performing a restore using backup tools from other providers, the external backup IDs are displayed again at this point.

       5.      Start the recovery.
If you then want to recover more backups without a backup history, repeat this procedure.

       6.      Choose Restart to start the database instance.

You can if you wish stop the restore process and resume it later on (see Continue Interrupted Restore).