Restoring the Indexes after a Database Restore

You can use the special database parameter AUTO_RECREATE_BAD_INDEXES to specify whether indexes marked as BAD are recreated automatically after a restore. If this database parameter is set to NO and you have carried out a database recovery, you can then also recreate indexes marked as BAD explicitly.


The database instance is in the ONLINE operational state.


       1.      Choose Instance ® Recovery ® Index.

       2.      You can choose the tables for which the indexes marked BAD are to be displayed. To do so, enter appropriate search arguments for the owner, table name, and index name.



Table Name

Name of the table

Index Name

Name of the index

       3.      Choose Actions ® Search. A list of the indices that match your criteria is then displayed.

       4.      Select the indexes that you want to recreate.

       5.      Choose Actions ® Recreate to perform the action.

We recommend that you restore the indexes during periods where the load on the system is low.

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