Backups to Manually Changed Data Carriers (Succeeding Data Carriers)

You can use the Database Manager GUI to back up data or log entries using succeeding data carriers. If necessary, the Backup Wizard will ask you to change the data carrier (use a succeeding data carrier).


Under normal circumstances, you should back up a database instance in the ONLINE operational state.

You can also back up database instances in the ADMIN operational state, but only in exceptional circumstances.


You must have started a Backup to a Single Data Carrier or a Backup to a Group of Parallel Data Carriers.

The capacity of the data carrier(s) you have inserted is not sufficiently large for the backup. The advancing bar showing the progress of the backup stops before reaching 100%.

The Backup Wizard prompts you to insert another data carrier.

Succeeding Data Carrier: Tape


       1.      Insert the next tape.

       2.      Ensure the tape that has just been written is stored in a safe place and that you insert the right tape.

       3.      Continue with the backup.

We recommend you specify the exact capacity of the tape when defining backup copies for tapes. As long as the tape device driver gives a reliable indication of when the end of the tape is reached, the Database Manager GUI reacts as described even when Size = 0.
If the end of the tape is not recognized correctly, the message
Writing Error is displayed. Even when this happens you can continue as described in steps 1-3.

Succeeding Data Carrier: File


       1.      Under  New Location , enter the name and full path of the file to which the backup should be made.

       2.      Continue with the backup.


Repeat the appropriate procedure for the data carrier type until the backup is complete.

While the backup procedure is in process, no other backup can be started.

You can check the results of your log backups using the Backup History.

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