It must be guaranteed that the following options can be set for Backint for MaxDB:




-u <user_id>

User ID (UID)

User of the backup tool (for example, the name the database instance)


-f <function>

<function>::= backup | restore | inquire | delete

Type of operation


-t <type>

<type>::= file

Backup type; file is the only possible type for handling files or pipes.

This backup type is the equivalent of the file backup type of BACKINT (for Oracle).



Unattended mode (no action by operator possible)

Attended mode

-p <par_file>

Name of the parameter file,
text file for the external backup tool with parameters that specify the backup procedure; specific to the backup tool
The MaxDB database tools get the location of this file from their own parameter file. However, they do not analyze its content.


-i <in_file>

Name of the input file
Text file with the objects of the function (
backup, restore, inquire, or delete).
See also Content of the Input File

If this option is not set, the data is read from the standard input.

-o <out_file>

Name of the output file
Text file where processing messages and the results of functions are saved
See also Content of the Output File

If this option is not set, the messages are written to the standard output.

See also: Variables