Uninstalling with SDBUNINST on UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows

Implementation Considerations

You use the SDBUNINST uninstallation program to uninstall some or all of the software components, taking into account the dependencies between them. This program is included in the database software from Version 7.3.00 Build 033.

You can use it to uninstall the software of the database system from Version 7.2.

Overview of the Options for the SDBUNINST program


?     One or more versions of the database software must be installed on your computer. These must include at least one installation of Version 7.3.00, Build 033 or higher, which includes SDBUNINST.

?     You need to have administrator rights for your computer.



       1.      On UNIX/Linux: Switch to the root shell.

On Microsoft Windows: Open the command prompt on your computer.

       2.      Use the following command to stop the database instances on your computer one by one:
dbmcli –d <database_name> -u <dbm_operator>,<dbm_operator_password> db_offline

       3.      Use the following command to delete the database instances on your computer one by one:
dbmcli –d <database_name> -u <dbm_operator>,<dbm_operator_password> db_drop

       4.      Execute the uninstallation program with the required option:
sdbuninst <option>

0     If you want to uninstall all software components, specify the  –all option; otherwise, specify your chosen component with the –package option.