Database Manager Operator (DBM Operator)


Database Manager operators (DBM operators) can log on to the Database Manager database tool and use its administration functions. Database Manager operators are not database users and consequently cannot log on to the query tools (such as SQL Studio) or the Loader.


Database Manager operators have DBM operator properties and server authorizations.

DBM Operator Properties




Name of the Database Manager operator


Password of the Database Manager operator


Description of the Database Manager operator


Specifies whether the user account of the Database Manager operator is locked

Enable Pwd

You can define a second password for the Database Manager operator. This way you can temporarily allow other people to work with the Database Manager operator (for example for support purposes) without the Database Manager operator having to reveal or change the original password.

Server Authorizations

Server authorizations (server rights) are authorizations for the DBM Server program and thereby for executing actions in the Database Manager (see the list of server authorizations for the DBM Server).

Managing Database Manager Operators

When you create a database instance with the Database Manager or the Installation Manager, the respective tool creates a first Database Manager operator that has the required DBM operator properties and all server authorizations.

The default value for the name of the Database Manager operator is DBM.

Database Manager operators can create, change or delete other Database Manager operators, if they have the respective server authorizations. If a Database Manager operator has the corresponding authorization, it can also display or change the DBM operator properties and server authorizations of another DBM operator.

You have the following options for displaying and managing Database Manager operators:

?     Database Manager GUI
Creating/Changing/Deleting a Database Manager User
Changing the DBM Operator Properties
Changing the Password of a Database Manager User
Changing the Server Authorizations

?     Database Manager CLI

?     Database Administration in CCMS: MaxDB, User Data

?     Database Administration in CCMS: SAP liveCache Technology, User Data

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