Defining Replication Tables


You select tables in the master instance that you want to synchronize (replication tables). You can also define column groups for replication tables.


·        You have designed a data model.

·        You have configured the Synchronization Manager GUI.

·        You have configured the database instances.

·        You have logged on to the master instance as a synchronization user using the Synchronization Manager GUI.

·        The synchronization user has SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE privileges for the tables that are to be synchronized.



       1.      You are on the Replication Tables tab page.

Choose Replication Tables ® Add Table...

       2.      Select the schema to which the tables to be synchronized belong.

       3.      Select the tables to be synchronized.

       4.      You can also define column groups for replication tables.

                            a.      To define a new column group for a table, select the table.

                            b.      Choose New Column Group.

                            c.      Enter a name for the column group.

                            d.      Add the desired columns to the field Columns of Columns Group.

                            e.      To version a column group, choose Versioned.


Now you can define replication units for the replication tables.