Functional Description for Backint for Max DB

Backint for MaxDB backs up and restores data with the appropriate MaxDB database tool and searches for older backups. The program is the connection between the DBM Server and the external backup tool.

If the external backup tool has a client/server architecture, then Backint for MaxDB communicates with the client. Otherwise, it implements the client that is running on the database server. In this way, the MaxDB database tool is able to make standardized use of different external backup tools.

See also: Installation Manual, Block Diagram: Backing Up and Restoring

Backint for MaxDB supports the following functions:

·        Backup

·        Restore

·        Inquire

·        Delete

For all functions, the User ID (UID) is used as the ID of the MaxDB database. Once a function has been performed, Backint for MaxDB sends a return code that indicates whether it has been successful.