You can get support for your database system in the following ways.




Mailing List

Online support via the mailing list is based on mutual support between MaxDB users and is free of charge. You direct your questions and problems to this mailing list in an e-mail. Both the database development team and members of the open source community can then reply to you. Online support does not guarantee fixed response times. However, the development team continually monitors the correspondence in the mailing list and ensures that every problem is responded to.

Support contract with SAP

If you use the database system in an SAP application, a support contract with SAP gives you access to the whole support infrastructure of SAP AG.

For more information, see SAP Note 826037.

Support contract with MySQL

If you use the database system in other applications (not SAP applications), then you can conclude a support contract with MySQL.

If you use the database in both SAP applications and non-SAP applications, then SAP AG provides you with support for the SAP applications, and MySQL AB provides you with support for the other applications.

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