-910: COSTLIMIT for this user exhausted


Execution of the SQL statement would exceed the permissible maximum limit for the processing of the SQL statement (COSTLIMIT value of the user) because of the necessary selection of rows. The COSTLIMIT value is defined in the CREATE USER, CREATE USERGROUP, ALTER USER or ALTER USERGROUP statement.

User Action:

You should check whether the SQL statement is needed in the specified format. You should check whether for example the set of data to be processed could be decreased by specifying more conditions in the search condition; thus decreasing the costs.

Should this not be possible, try to achieve the effect of the SQL statement by several less costly SQL statements.

Display the definition of the COSTLIMIT value using a QUERY statement issued on the system table DOMAIN.USERS.

The database administrator or the owner of the user group or user may increase the COSTLIMIT value by using an ALTER USER or ALTER USERGROUP statement.